Why Drupalsteps?

Drupal is a powerful content management system with a notoriously steep learning curve.  Or to put it more plainly, you can do a lot with Drupal if only someone would show you how to use it in plain and straightforward language.

What will you learn on Drupalsteps?

In this website, I have laid out instructions on how to build a Drupal website in chunks which I hope are easy to follow and give you enough of a road map to start experimenting without getting lost.

How much time do you need?  What kind of computer do you need?

I have broken the steps up into what I judge to be 10 evenings of work, though once you know how, you can rip through all the steps in one evening. I am also assuming that you are working on a bog-standard Windows machine and where I refer to a laptop, read desktop as well.

Signing up, email addresses, cookies, tracking  & privacy

This site is inundated with spammers.  If you would like to sign up, feel free to send me an email with drupal spelled backwards in the subject line.

With respect to our privacy policy I need your email address to verify your signup and will use it to communicate with you, if I need to, or if we develop anything else that we think might interest you.  I also use Google Analytics and other basic stats.  Please don't join up if you mind.  Just print off the tutorials and clear your cookies in your browser.

If you are logged in, we also monitor what you have looked at and done so that we can remind you where you are when you come back.  You will learn to do that during the course.

Keeping a blog of your progress

Within your space on this website, you have a scratch pad which we have called "Notebook".  You can keep your notes here.  Other users cannot see them but it is a feature of Drupal that Administrators can always get into your private area if they need to.

You can also make comments on any "step" and indeed we hope you do.

If you wish to write a public blog, then use the blog.  So to be clear, a blog allows everyone to read your post.  A Notebook is private to you (though Drupal always empowers an Administator to get into your content).

We also have Do it! and Done! flags so you can keep track of your progress in two simple lists.

Asking questions and the Forum

Drupalsteps has a Forum where you can ask questions.  We don't monitor the forum regularly and we hope that users will help each other out.

What if I need expert advice and a warranty that nothing will go wrong?

I must also say that I put these steps together because I was frustrated by the documentation for Drupal.  I am not offering this website because I am a Drupal expert or to charge your a fee or even to take money from advertisers.  So I also do not offer you a warranty, express or implied.  If you need to use Drupal for something really, really important, then please do visit drupal.org, find an expert, and hire them!

Feedback and suggestions

But where you think something is wrong or could be explained better, I am happy to hear. I spent weeks learning Drupal and I really think  2-3 weeks of evenings only should be quite sufficient to develop quite passable and useful skills.  So in that spirit, enjoy!  And do come back after you have launched your first site and let us know what you have achieved!

Jo Jordan

July 2012, Olney, England, United Kingdom