What is Drupal?

Drupal is a set of pre-coded modules which we arrange in various configurations to create powerful websites.

We use Drupal to make standard corporate websites, blogs, networks, porfolios and shops.

Who is this website for?

The situation

Drupal is a very powerful system and gives you a lot of control over the architecture of your website. Sadly, though, it comes without a map.

Our objective

This website is designed to give you a straightforward experience of installing the most common features of Drupal. 

The steps

The steps have been laid out assuming you know very little about building websites and are chunked into ten evenings (or daily commute journeys).

Extra advice

The steps could be done one after the other but Drupal is complex.  If you chunk your learning and stop to reflect what you have learned after every hour or so, you will probably learn more and cut down on your overall learning time.

In short, little and often pays better dividends than a learning binge ~ and is far more enjoyable.