Step 10: Final internet plumbing and back ups

At the end of this step, you website will be

  • Spam protected
  • Connected to Google Analytics
  • Connected up to Feedburner to collect stats on your feed
  • And your links will work.


1.  Spam protection

In an earlier stage, we downloaded the Mollom module, signed up to Mollom and put our Mollow keys into the Mollom configuration (left near the top of the Configuration page).

Double check you keys are there.  If you like log out and try to add something horribly spammy.

2.  Google Analytics

If you have not done so already, register for a Google Analytics account, give it your domain name and choose single domain.

Retrieve your GA number and come back to your website.  Go to our Google Analytics configuration (via the Configuration page  - top right), enter your GA number and save.

It will take a day or two for statistics to show up at Google but help it a long by logging out, clearing your cookies and accessing your site a few times as a stranger.

3.  Feedburner

The purpose of Feedburner is to take your RSS feed and run it through Google so they can keep count of the number of people who use your feed.

I trust you set up an account in an earlier step. Now we will 'burn' your feed.

Hit on the RSS button on your own site and pick up the feed name in your browser bar.  Go to your Feedburner account and put in the feed name.  The feed will now be renamed as a Feedburner feed. 

What we need to do now is to put that name on your website . . .

4.  Links

It is very likely that at some time when you set up your development site that you hard-coded some links.  For example, I had links to my privacy page at localhost/drupalsteps/privacy-policy.  I need to change those links to  This becomes a good reason, btw, to set up my site from the outset as not drupalsteps and when I set up my domain at my host to redirect to  But I didn't and you might not have been systematic either - so check all your links.

You might also have to scratch you head a little about how to edit a link. My privacy policy and T&C links were put into blocks that go in my Footer.  So I go to Structure/Blocks, look for the right Block and configure.  I can edit the link there.

5.  And not least, check!

And at least, pleased with my site, I can look around and check that everything is done.

Congratulations! I hope you have built a substantial site from little knowledge in 10 sessions and that you have learned the basics of both internet management and Drupal.  Please do show off your site on the Forum and happy website management.  There is obviously plenty more to learn but I hope your early days have been enjoyable and fruitful and you are confident to carry on building on your knowledge and experience.