Terms & Conditions

Drupalsteps has been launched in the spirit of Drupal – open source. 

I wrote Drupalsteps because I was frustrated with the documentation and facilities to learn Drupal.  There are plenty of videos on line and books to buy.  Use them!

I didn’t use them because I wanted to get past my intuition that Drupal is useful and see exactly what it can do.

I also don’t like watching a video for an hour and then have to go to find what I need and start messing around from there.

So, I aim to save you time and frustration. And, everything on here is free. But, there are no promises beyond my intent.

Please use the forum responsibly. The forum is not monitored but I will throw you off if you spam others or act in a way that is inappropriate or off-topic for simple learn-to site with other learners.

Otherwise, it is my hope that I will save you a lot of time and allow you to arrive at a competence level where you understand the basics of Drupal, have methodical working habits, and can confidently explore the more advanced features of Drupal without being baffled by the documentation or falling in to its unspoken traps.

If you do need to speak to me about something, please use the contact form to contact me.